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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The SODAPOP Bluetooth speakers can be fully charged in two hours and can support up to 30 hours of playtime at 60% volume.

Is the bottle included in the package?

Yes, the Bluetooth speaker comes with a carrying/protection bottle, please see the package detail for your reference:
1x SODAPOP Bluetooth speaker
1x carrying/protection bottle
1x USB charging cable
1x 3.5mm aux cable
1x user manual

Does it really double the bass when connecting a regular bottle?

Yes, a regular bottle more than triples the physical volume of the Sodapop speaker cabinet, enabling the speaker to push more air and produce over 10db louder sound! For the human ear, this will sound approximately twice as loud.

Does the speaker come with charger?

No, but the speakers come with a USB charging cable, so you can charge it from your computer, phone-charger or any other charger with a USB connection.

Can the speaker be wire connected to a non-bluetooth device?

Yes, this speaker has a 3.5mm aux port and is equipped with a 3.5mm aux cable that allows you to connect to a non-Bluetooth device via an aux cable.

How to change the volume?

You can press the “+” or “-” on this Bluetooth speaker. Press once will change to prev/next song and press long will turn up or down the volume.

What does this sound like with a 2L bottle?

This is fun to experiment with! You will get a different sound and a little bit more bass, but to fully make use of a larger bottle you need bigger speaker elements, this is something we are working on for future models of the Sodapop speaker.

You can watch this video from Unbox Therapy where they try with different sizes of bottles:


And this video from Stu´s Reviews:


Does it work with all mobile phones?

Yes, it will connect with all smartphones, tablets and computers with Bluetooth activated.

Do I have to use the bottle for this speaker to work?

The bottle is optional, the speaker delivers excellent sound when used by itself. It only gives you an inexpensive and easy way to upgrade your sound when you need it. This makes the speaker the perfect travel companion. Its small, and easy to carry with you in your bag or luggage, and a suitable bottle is available all over the world.

Why will it help to connect a bottle and why not just buy a regular portable bass speaker?

Well, the physics is roughly as follows: very general, sound waves are produced when a flexible membrane (diaphragm) attached to an electromagnet is vibrating in the speaker element. This membrane pushes the air inside of the speaker cabinet to produce high and low frequencies. The bottle more than triples the physical volume of the Sodapop speaker cabinet, enabling the speaker to push more air and produce over 10db louder sound in the 60-250hz audio spectrum range (where is where you’ll typically find the «bottom» of the bass and kick drums etc), than without the bottle.

In addition, the elastic walls of the bottle also boost both the high and low frequencies, as it becomes a “part” of the membrane and helps to push the air inside the closed cabinet. This results in the feeling of warmth in the bass without loss of definition. The problem with other small speakers with bass boost (they all use a passive bass membrane inside a very small cabinet), is that they only boost the bass and this makes the music sound boomy and less defined.

So, there you have it, real bass requires real space.