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6 of 6 STARS – L&B Magazine
Especially Recommended – May 2019



Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Available now in our web store.


Available now in our web store! We ship worldwide!

Bass, reinvented!


Sodapop offers a compact portable wireless speaker with the ability to connect to its own carrying case or any other suitable plastic bottle.

This gives you louder music, twice as much bass, and an overall superior sound.

Small size!

Travel-friendly speaker that fits

everywhere. Use the included bottle

as a protective carrying case.


Reuse & Connect

Connect a regular plastic soda or

water bottle with standard threads

to double your bass!


Smart design!

Functional & clean

Scandinavian design

with a playful personality


Long battery time

Enjoy up to 30 hours of nonstop

music with awesome sound

and deep bass


Double the bass!


Just by connecting a bottle, the Sodapop will increase the bass by 10-decibel!

For the human ear, this will sound approximately twice as loud. In other words, the Sodapop speaker can generate twice as much bass just by connecting an empty bottle to the speaker.

We have tested the Sodapop in professional sound labs and the results are exactly what we were aiming for:

When connected to a bottle the Sodapop speaker delivers increased sound volume throughout the whole audio spectrum.

This results in the feeling of “warmth” in the bass without loss of definition.